NOTE: This technology was sold to Podango after this episode. Go to however for the most part its been broken ever since.

The great thing about podcasting is its getting big enough for companies to start building tools for podcasters. Today we look at the Audio Lite system from Gigavox (the makers of the Levelator).

You can record your podcast in segements. Then (if needed) you can update certain segments (like an advertiser spot) in the current AND PAST podcasts. I'm using this not for advertisers, but for a non-profit (my church). Instead of having advertising spots rotate in and out, we use it for our calendar, and prayer concerns (items that chance from week to week). This way people are up to date with the latest news (no matter what episode they listen to). In reality your podcast can be evergreen. The information can be updated in past shows. The good news is its free to use. Take some time to think about it and how you want your podcast to go from section to section. I love it. Oh yeah. IT's FREE.

The “bad” news is it doesn't work with Libsyn (it does with the more expensive Libsyn Pro). So I looked at some different web hosts that had unlimited bandwidth (like ) and ended up with (as they increase your storage and bandwidth the longer you stay on their system). I will keep you in the loop as we move forward.

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