Audiometric – A Podcast Media Host That Pays YOU -Sound Familiar?

I hate to be a pessimist, but as someone who has been around podcasting for almost 10 years now I've seen some things come and go. Some were ahead of their time (Podshow, and Gigavox), and other systems just don't work on paper. One of these ideas is getting thrown against the wall again. It is free media hosting that is supported with advertising. The first company that comes to mind was called Podango (here is Lee Gibbons interview on Podtech). Everyone seems to think it works on paper, but typically they don't. The new company is called who boast that not only does their media not cost you anything, but that they will PAY YOU. (sound familiar anyone?)

If you've missed it here is my criteria for a media host.

1. Do not mess with my file.

2. Don’t limit the size of my audience

3. Don’t Take Control of My Feed

4. Give Me Stats

5. Give Me Support

6. I want you to charge me for your service

So they didn't make it past test one. They changed my file name. The reason is it can't be duplicated in their system. It has to stay unique. Funny, other companies can pull this off – but not this one.

As for limits? Who knows. They just keep saying how you can make money. Obviously  they don't have any ads yet (because they need your content to sell against). They are brand new, so maybe I should give them a break.

They do say they expect the CPM to be between $16- $30. The CPM (cost per thousand downloads) is great if you have 5,000 downloads per episode (and you do a daily show). So I feel their audience is for the “100% hobby” podcast who just wants to have fun and pay nothing for it. If that's you, then go for it. Their stats are very basic compared to and (still the only two media hosts I recommend – use the coupon sopfree to get a free month).

A show with 200 downloads per episode would earn $6 a show if the CPM was $30, and $3.2 per show if the CPM was $16. So again, if you're looking to podcast for free and don't have a problem trusting strangers – then this might be for you.

They say the ability to redirect the feed is coming in the next release.

I will say their support is quick, and I've had a few emails back in forth.

While storage space and bandwidth are cheaper than they were 10 years ago, I still don't see an environment that will support this model. Currently buyers are trying to jam radio pricing (crap) down podcaster's throats. Meanwhile we have a more engaged and loyal audience (just ask the guy who started Westwood one – he stated that at the last New Media Expo, and that's why he started podcast one).

I hope they prove me wrong. I hope there is so many companies waiting to sponsor podcasts that this works. It's been tried. It failed before. It should be fun to watch. That was then, this is now. Best of luck to them.

Gaining Out Trust

I've been trading email with Jason Cox (one of the guys behind the site) and I explained that you are asking media creator to put a very prized possession (our content, our listeners) in their hands. An “About” page might be useful for gaining trust. We still don't know more than “Canada” when it comes to Any company coming into this space should be ready to prove why we should trust them. They should immerse themselves into the community, ask what we need, and provide a solution. Attend our events like Podcast Movement, and New Media Expo (I've never seen podbean, or blog talk radio at an event – but I always hang with the gents from Libsyn and Blubrry).

I would recommend you contact Lee Gibbons (the man behind Podango) and take good notes.  He is currently the Digital Product Director for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

They Seem Nice

In exchanging emails, they seem nice. I should probably apologize for the snarkiness. Like I said, I hope they prove me wrong. I hope the market is different than it was 10 years ago. I also hope they give you more than 2 weeks (at Christmas time) to move your files if'/when they go out of business.



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  1. Mark Graban
    3 years ago

    I have been working with them as an experiment. I have left my main podcast feed (a few thousand downloads per episode) out of their hands, but have put old episodes and a new smaller podcast show on their platform. Right now the “ads” are just an ad that’s a house ad trying to sell ads. I don’t want that same repetitious ad playing over and over again, so my patience is running a bit thin as an early adopter.

    That said, when I’ve suggested features or changes to how the system works (I’ve used previously), Jason has been super responsive and good to work with.

  2. Dave Jackson
    3 years ago

    They seem very responsive. I, like you, am ready for an add. I keep hearing they are “coming soon.”

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