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Today we are joined by special guest co-host Ryan Park from

Sharing Your Podcast

Embed Your Podcast  You can choose to make your show available on other sites by enabling the embedding feature in the Powerpress plugin. Go to powerpress, settings, and under the media appearance tab there is a media links area where you can choose to make a show have an embed links. Now anyone in your audience can put this on their website. For me, it makes it easy to put on my blog and other sites. In the case of the Podcast Review Show, I can put it on the School of Podcasting site and not worry about it accidentally going down the feed of that show. Ryan found a great article about a new player that people may be using (I would want to test this to make sure it doesn't mess up your RSS feed). There is a neet plugin that works with the html 5 player call Time Jump that I want to investigate.

An Affordable Solution For Podcast Gear

As I'm still in the Amazon dog house, I was looking for ways to find affordable podcast gear. I have used Same Day Music in the past, and they have a new plan that allows you to make PAYMENTS on gear (typically two). So if you want to buy a mixer, but its $269 you can make two payments of $135.  They call this Speed Play. You make your purchase and have 60 days to pay it off – no interest. Best of all if you're not in New Jersey, they don't charge sales tax. Check them out at (affiliate link).

How Many Keywords in iTunes

Identify and Use the Right Keywords

Just like in traditional SEO, high visibility starts with an understanding of the keywords your target audience will be searching for. You can use your favorite keyword tool to get started. Additionally, you should spend time in the App Store and look at the most popular and successful apps. See what words they're using to promote their app. This will give you additional ideas on picking the right keywords.

How Do You Find The Right Keywords?


There are tools like Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai that I've heard Pat Flynn talk about. They are both good (I think Pat is using Long Tail Pro a bit more these days). You enter words that you feel people might enter to find your store and see which ones are more popular. You can type in your industry and see what terms people are talking about, and again are more popular. Then you can use these in future shows. In a way its not so much different than SEO for the web.

Once you have a list of targeted keywords, you need to put them in the right places. First, start by using them in your show name (if it makes sense).  This works similarly to page titles for traditional SEO. Additionally, try to use your keywords in your name field.



Cool WordPress Theme?

I'm hoping Mike Howard is in the chat today as I want to talk to someone who is using the Avada WordPress theme. This thing looks so cool, and is only $55 at Currently is the the #1 selling theme on Themeforest.

I'm hoping Mike Howard is in the chat today because he uses this.

Podertainment Magazine

The release of podertainment magazine is waiting for Appel to approve the app.

 Mentioned on the Show

Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

Podcast Movement

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I understand why many people were put off by Thesis 2.0. It was quite a drastic change from the 1.x version and was released without documentation ready. I think Thesis 2.1 fixed a lot of the issues people had with it though; it’s much more user-friendly and intuitive than 2.0 (which I personally had no problem learning how to use) and there is plenty of documentation now. I’m far from a professional web designer, but I’ve created several very good looking (if I do say so myself) custom designs with it, e.g., and

    Anyway, I just want to point that out and share how easy it was for me to use it to solve a problem someone in this episode mentioned having. I started using WordPress featured images for several reasons but became frustrated that they have to appear at the top of posts, which interferes with putting the podcast audio player there. It took me all of a minute to fix the problem with Thesis 2.1, however. Once I got the idea, I just went into the Skin Editor, created a text box, pasted the basic [ powerpress ] shortcode into it, then dragged it into a couple of the templates directly above the post content and featured image boxes. Boom. Done. Now the PowerPress player appears directly below the post title and byline and above the content and feature image. Even better, I don’t have to worry about adding the shortcode manually anymore. Here’s an example:

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