April Income Statement $1778

Podcasting Income

This month had one of my prolific consulting clients take a break due to health reasons, likewise my wife had surgery so I cut back on my consulting availability. The good news is will be the voice the of Crazy Egg Podcast starting on June 4th delivering a podcast about copy writing, conversion, and business blogging.

The lesson I am learning is to start consuming the content I purchase. It does not good to purchase a course on marketing on Linked In if I don't read/listen to it. While starting ideas are great, finishing them is even better. In May I will be perusing adding a forum to the School of Podcasting, and adding some support tools.

This post is not a “brag” post, but to show what someone working Monday & Thursday nights, and a little on Saturday can pull off. If you'd like to find out how, read my book More Podcast Money.

School of Podcasting : 2042
All (audible): 30
Logical Weight Loss: 27
Weekly Web Tools 53
JillianMichaels Podcast: 98
Davidjackson.org: 20
More Podcast Money: 50
Marketing Musician: 3
Podcast Review Show: 0
Building a Better Dave: 0
Feeding My Faith: 0

$545 (media hosting, web hosting, rent, Internet, voicemail, speakpipe, scribe, affiliate payouts, linked in training)

Net Income:$1778

Breakdown of income:

Affiliate Income 46%
Consulting: 33%
Membership 18%
Book Sales 2%


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