Dave has been featured on the following podcasts:

Home TechShow Name: Home Tech
Host Name: Jim Collison
Episode: 3
Show Recap: Jim sat down recently with Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting to discuss the in and outs of podcasting. Should you start your own podcast? Listen to find out when and how! Dave’s been podcasting since April of 2005. His podcast about podcasting has been downloaded over 800,000 times (as of 2012) and has helped hundreds of people launch podcasts. You can find his work at powerofpodcasting.com, morepodcastmoney.com, weeklywebtools.com, logicalloss.com, feedingmyfaith.com, growyourchurchshow.com, marketingmusician.com Dave is a regular contributor on the Podcasters’ Roundtable, a almost monthly podcast around podcasting.
Entrepreneur on FireShow Name: Entrepreneur on Fire
Host Name: John Lee Dumas
Episode: 263
Show Recap: Join us as Dave shares his Entrepreneurial mindset and an inside glance at his journey to becoming a successful Entrepreneur. Dave has been podcasting since 2005 and has helped hundreds of people start successful podcasts through his School of Podcasting website What does it take to be an Entrepreneur? Join us as Dave shares his Entrepreneurial mindset and an inside glance at his journey to becoming a successful Entrepreneur. Success Quote “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11 Business Failure Dave was a shy boy even at the ripe age of 16. Listen to how he overcame this debilitating challenge! Entrepreneurial AHA Moment When Dave saw the MP3 audio file upload, his AHA moment immediately followed! Current Business Dave loves to podcast, and teaches others to do so in his School of Podcasting. Listen to what is exciting him about the future… it gave me chills!
The Audacity to Podcast Show Name: The Audacity to Podcast
Host Name: Daniel J. Louis
Episode: 122
Show Recap: What was it like to be first? How do you continue to find content after 350+ shows? As the original podcaster about podcasting, Dave Jackson has seen a lot of change in the industry. We talk about his experience, where podcasts are going, how to make money podcasting, and share some podcasting tips. Dave started podcasting in 2005 by turning a newsletter for musicians into a podcast. Because there wasn’t much about podcasting techniques, he decided to fill the whole by launching The School of Podcasting in April, 2005. What does having big-name advertisers and podcasters do for the industry? Ever felt like quitting a podcast? What things should starting podcasters do early Making money podcasting
Photobiz ExposedShow Name: Photobiz Exposed
Host Name: Andrew Hellmich
Episode: 9
Show Recap: With your own show, you can become the baby portrait expert in Adelaide, the documentary wedding photographer for Boston or the best photographer in Cairns. You will be seen as the expert. The go to person.
How to Podcast Like a Radio DJShow Name: How to Podcast Like a Radio DJ
Host Name: Dan Lyons
Episode: 27
Show Recap: In this episode Dan is joined by Dave Jackson from the School Of Podcasting as they tackle some of the most common questions they get about podcasting. Discover how to fix those artwork issues you've been having, how long you should be prepping for and the new microphone that's both USB and XLR, and is perfect for beginners
Entrepreneur's JourneyShow Name: Entrepreneur's Journey
Host Name: Yaro Starak
Show Recap: Dave offered some advice on running an online membership service business (including discussion of AMember). Next up we looked at how to attract an audience for a podcast. I asked Dave about his previous online ventures, including firsttimevisitor.com.
Podcaster's StudioShow Name: Podcaster's Studio
Host Name: Ray Ortega
Episode: 52
Show Recap: With over 250 episodes published, Dave is one of the original podcasters. He was an early digital mentor for me when I was entering podcasting and has since become a peer and friend. We talk about Dave’s podcasting career, take a peek inside his studio and approach some of podcasting’s more controversial topics.
Podcaster's StudioShow Name: Podcaster's Studio
Host Name: Ray Ortega
Episode: 53
Show Recap: On this episode Dave and I chat about podcasting software and how using old gear can be just as effective as buying brand new. I ask Dave what he thinks about having to have the “radio voice” sound for your podcast and how he defines success when it comes to his shows.
Mastermind PodcastShow Name: Mastermind Podcast
Host Name: Scott Moore
Episode: 3
Show Recap: Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting shares his story on this episode. Live music, guitars, a night in jail, a rocky marriage, and faith all play into Dave’s story. If there was a podcasting award for transparency, it would go to Dave Jackson for his Healing Our Marriage podcast that he does with his wife. He shares how his faith, his mentors, and his friends helped sustain him when he hit rock bottom
Braver By The DayShow Name: Braver By The Day
Host Name: Joshua C Liston
Episode: 8
Show Recap: What we talk (and laugh) about in Epsiode 8: How Dave got started in Podcasting and his career as a technical trainer How exactly does Dave manage a family, full-time-job, and several popular weekly Podcasts Why the right tool/tools can help with both productivity and creativity How Dave faces the fear of failure and his “fake it til you make it” ethos How does Dave help his students/clients celebrate the smalls wins What music does Dave like?
Black Man With a GunShow Name: Black Man With a Gun
Host Name: Kenn Blanchard
Episode: 331
Show Recap: Dave Jackson runs the School of Podcasting and is a super great guy. I love this guy. He is so helpful; he probably should be charging more money to offset his generosity. I’d seek him out over ANYONE online today first because if he didn’t know, he’d tell you but still try to find out and help you.
Success FreaksShow Name: Success Freaks
Host Name: Charles McFall & R. Mordant Mahon
Episode: 114
Show Recap: How can you improve on something you haven’t even started yet? Though the answer may seem like an easy one, following through is an entirely different matter. Many of us talk about how we can improve ourselves and what it would take to accomplish said improvements, but how can we improve on things that we aren’t even doing? In Success Freaks Episode #114, Mordant & McFall are joined by their good friend and renowned podcast coach Dave Jackson as they discuss what it takes to “Find Your Voice.” Whether it be “On the Air” or in “Real Life,” remaining true to who you are will help you find the “voice” that best suits you and your message. Join these three podcast musketeers as they rehash personal stories about what it took for them to find their own “voices” and take those first steps towards Living Ou