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We seem to think we don't know what to do, when in truth we don't do what we know. This week I attended Ray Edwards copyrighting academy, and it was pretty cool. I went there as I will be updating the School of Podcasting's website later this year. Also, people that are learning to write copy, probably have a product. People who have a product need customers, a great way to attract customers is via a podcast. So when you hear me say go to where your target audience is, make friends with them, then tell them about your show, I did that repeatedly this weekend.

Success is sequential, not simultaneous.

Your calendar shows your priorities or your distractions?

Everyone has a excuse as to way they didn't succeed.

If everything you do is an experiment, then nothing is a failure

If it does everything, it does nothing well.

Thanks to Kim from toastmasters101.net

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  1. Sean Hiland
    5 months ago

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you’re ok! Prayers!

  2. Dave Jackson
    5 months ago

    Thanks, making lemonade out of lemons

  3. Kim Krajci
    5 months ago

    Mike Kim. I remember for the obvious reasons.

    Thanks for the shoutout. I’ll have to check my stats and see the SOP bump.

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