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In this episode of Ask The Podcast Coach Jim has some questions about Chatwing which is a free chat system that you can use if you're doing something live. I had previously used rumbletalk, but couldn't afford the 32 a month fee.

Google Chrome Requires a Double Opt In for Flash

If you are a regular listener to the live show you know we are always testing new technology. Last Dave couldn't even get to recognize his microphone. This week he seemed to be having a problem with it again. Then he saw at the top of the page ( a gray background with dark gray text) that wanted to access my microphone and video (even though I had just given it permission). When I click on “Approve” (for the second time) it worked. So this week we were able to broadcast on and at the same time. We prefer for their chat service. Whatever service we are using you can always catch us at


Chatwing Features [8:05]

Jim uses livestream for his events. Jim had been approached by Chatwing to replace his chat system. He had some questions and since I use it for my group chat, I answered some questions.

Free Service

Able to be used on a ipad (will double check this)

Can play music in the chat and video

Premium versions are somewhat confusing (as you buy tokens, and then you buy premium features).

Chat is hosted on their site so no bandwidth issues.

There are Network you can join in the event that your website doesn't generate enough users to fill up a chat room.

Media Hosting Explained

I love both and because you can have an unlimited catalog. They only limit the amount you can upload per month.

If you are doing talk, count on half a megabyte per minute so an hour long podcast would be about 30 megs. If you do a weekly show you need (roughly) 120 M per month

By having a back catalog you can create an “Audio Business Card” where people can connect with you and hear your expertise.

Microphone Bleeding Issues [33:15]

Dan is having issues with “Microphone Bleeding.” Here are some tips

1. Verify this is an option. Make sure the background noise can be heard under normal circumstances

2. Make sure you and your co-host are looking in opposite directions.

3. You may invest in a portable microphone isolation booth.

4. In some cases you can put a moving blanket between you and your co-host to help isolate you

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