Contests, Multiple Shows, Calls O’Plenty



Contests For Podcasts [3:30]

Joe from podcast wants to know about contests.

Here are some people using the tactic.

Check out Contest Blitz plugin for wordpress ($20 one time fee)

Contest Domination is another (great if you're doing on going contests)

Be sure to check with your local state, etc to make sure you're not breaking the law.


Inexpensive Equipment for Podcasting[16:02]

Mark From Australia has co-hosts that don't want to put out any money for microphones. The show is not there. Any suggestions?

In some cases connect to them via skype or Google hangout on their phones (via wi-fi) as the microphone built into the phone is better than the microphone in a laptop.

The best microphone is the Audio technica 2100 or the Samson Q2U (same mic, different name).

Some people are giving gift cards away. What is in it for the listener?


Do you find it “a bit much” when someone's announces they are THE expert?


What is involved with changing themes if you are rebranding?

Themes are like “clothes” for your website. They take your posts and change the layout, the colors, etc. It makes it easy to change the look of your website with just a few clicks. If you don't like it you can go back to your other theme.

If your host allows, install a second install of WordPress, export your posts from your actual site and import them into this new “test” site. Then you can see what it would like like with your content.

Youtube Quick Tip [42:30]

You can put links in your youtube video to your website, or to iTunes.

Fancy Hands is a site I used to have it look up audio editing

Last Pass is a cool tool that remembers your passwords (secruley) and allows you to share them with assistants (without giving away the information_

People are Being Mislead about Podcasting[47:33]

Bill Conrad from mentions how people are being mislead about podcasting.

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  1. Dave,

    You really should give Thesis another try with 2.1+. It has easy uploaders for the header and favicon. The default Thesis Classic Responsive skin is responsive out of the box and has a simple point-and-click design interface for switching the content and sidebar columns, adjusting their widths, and much more. The skin editor has been much improved, but has been de-emphasized for non-techie people in favor of pages dedicated to easily adjusting the design and content of the skin. There are more third-party skins and boxes (plugins) available now, plus some more official ones (Social Triggers, Pearsonified, and Promo skins).

  2. Dave Jackson
    3 years ago

    I’ll add it to the list of things to check out. Thanks for the update.

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