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Today I talk about an episode in a popular Podcast of  “No Agenda” which features Adam Curry and John C Dvorak. This podcasts  gets thousands of dollars in donations, but calculates to .01 a listener. On the episode for 8/13 John makes a great point that we spend up to 50 dollars for a 2 hour  movie. Well last week I went to the movies and it was $17 a person (8.50 for the movie and 8.50 for the popcorn and a coke – small). We saw the movie “The Awful Truth” and it was 95 minutes long. That means that 17.50/95 = .18 cents a minute for one person. One of my typical podcasts last 15 minutes. That means the episode would be worth $2.68

So as a test, I'm asking you to make a donation. Whatever you see fit (if you want) to see if I will average .01 a download. Click the button below and enter how much you think this podcast is worth.

What did you get for your donation?

Increase your listener participation.

Different podcasters are coming up with creative ways to get their audience involved. One way is to hold a contests. This can be monthly, quarterly, etc. Then you can award points for comments, emails, possibly more points for voicemail. The down side? Well you have to keep track. However, some people are really spurred on and motivated by competition. What do people win?

When it comes to prizes? Some people give away products they may be promoting. Andrew lock from the Podcast “Help My Business Sucks” gives away a free subscription to a magazine filled with marketing ideas.

Apple iTunesOther podcasters give away prizes such as a prepaid iTunes card. This is a great prize considering iTunes is obviously a place where people who like to listen to things (music, audio books) are purchasing these items.

Some podcasters want to make it more personal. They will create a “Wish List” at and allow their listeners to support the show by purchasing items on the Wish List.

I theory a 90 minute movie with popcorn runs you $17. in Ohio. That means it's .18 cents a minute. One of my typical podcasts last 15 minutes. That means the episode would be worth $2.68

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  1. Andrew Lock
    8 years ago

    Interesting episode Dave.

    I’ve found that the most effective way to get the audience involved is to simply ask for opinions and comments on a controversial topic. So, two keys: cover a controversial topic that people naturally have strong views on, and ASK.

    Good tip re Amazon Wishlist, I liked that a lot.



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