February Income Report $1237

February Income Report

Here is my income report for January 2013. Keep in mind this is working what amounts to two days a week. I work Monday and Tuesday 6-11. Saturday I work 9 -3. If you want to make money with your podcast, check out my book More Podcast Money. You will notice that this month's number is down from last month. This is mainly due to me joining a musical group and thus consulting a bit less (and making money doing music which is not reported here). If you'd like more insights into making money with you podcast, check out my book “More Podcast Money


School of Podcasting 1310.13
Logical Weight loss $65.78
Weekly WEb Tools $108.78
Marketing Musician $1
davidjackson.org $22.53
Jillian Michaels Podcast $83.86
More Podcast Money $55.61
Total Income $1722.28


School of Podcasting $29.95
Building a Better Dave $15
Healing Our Marriage $7
Logical Weight Loss $15
Weekly Web Tools $15
Feeding My Faith $12
Podcast Review Show $12
Marketing Musician $7
Office and Internet $338.12
Total Expenses $485.07

Income Breakdown

Consulting 47% – $812.5
Affiliate Income 31% $523,81
Membership 19% $331
Book Sales 3% $52.97

Expense Breakdown

Rent  45%  $225
Internet 22% $113
Web Hosting 10% $50.94
Media Hosting 18% $90
Marketing 5% $27

Net Income $1237.


January $1496


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