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Today I want to point out to you another free resource for music for your podcast. This comes from Sony and their Acid Planet website. They offer free samples of their loop libraries. These are audio files you can use to make songs, or in our case theme music, or transition music. The best part is it's legal. Here is the wording from their website:

From time to time the Site may make “8Packs” of music loops and other audio, visual and audio-visual materials available for download on the Site (the “Free Content”). Sony Creative Software grants to you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to download, copy, modify and publish the Free Content in connection with your own remixes of such content as part or your own original composition only. You may not redistribute, sell, rent or license the Free Content to third parties without the express written consent of Sony Creative Software.

The “you may not redistribute” is a bit vague. When I was talking about this with a friend he asked, “How would Sony know if the music you're playing was purchased or the free version?” To this I said, “I guess they wouldn't…

If you want to play there is even a free version of Sony Music Studio (with less features) called Acid Xpress if you want the affordable version of Sony Music (with features like exporting to wav, and other formats), you can pick it up at for $36.


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  1. Donna Papacosta
    5 years ago

    So does this mean you cannot create a podcast for a client and use this music? This sounds like redistribution. That’s why I tend not to use “free” stuff. Better to buy royalty-free music and not cross any legal lines. Now, if you’re just creating a podcast for yourself, free is fine.

  2. Dave Jackson
    5 years ago

    I’m with you on that. Redistribution may mean you distribute it and get paid for it? I’m not a lawyer (and would rather pay a small fee for royalty free music instead of a lot of money to a lawyer to explain it).

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