Getting More Podcast Subscribers


In this podcast we throw out some podcast promotion tips, why “hard sell” podcasts are stupid, and some new free services for podcasters.


1:30 Feedback from Taylor Marek about a promtion that was being run by Dancing With Elephants ( ) full details about promotion can be found HERE 

4:48 Giving away an ipod Shuffle.

Apple Store will cost you about 80 bucks.

5:50 Feedback on the “Graffitti tip” from Mark Anderson

9:50 Other Podcast Promotion Ideas.
Book Mentioned: Tricks of the Podcasting Masters 

10:25 Find your podcast in the iTune directory and play with “also subscribe to this podcast.”


12:19 a great way to collaborate online and NO SOFTWARE TO LOAD, NO monthly fees, NO huge sticker price. Try it for free at


13:55 Free Services For Podcasters (link to this site)

Want to start your own podcast? Check out our main stie at

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