Getting More Podcast Subscribers


Make A Custom Page for Traffic Coming From iTunes

There is a link in your iTunes tags that point at your website. As this link will be displayed (more or less) only in iTunes. With this in mind, why not make a special page on your website specifically designed as a “Landing page” for those people that instructs them on how to subscribe via iTunes on your website.

Show Lengths – How Short is Too Short?

Anthony had not created a podcast because he thought it should be at least an hour. The truth is your podcast can be any length you want it to be (I used to listen to one that was 1 minute long). As YOU are the producer, YOU decide how long or short each episode can be.

The only time this is a burden is if you want to keep your show under a certain time frame, and still want to cover topics in depth. This can be tricky as you have to decide what topics are covered, and what parts are essential.

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