Internal Business Podcasts – Finding Topics For Episodes

Today Dave and Jim talk about helping people with special needs, and special circumstances. 


Stump the Podcast Coach [3:00]

Dave has a client who:

1. Doesn't have a computer

2. Wants to sounds good and not cut corners.

3. He's blind. 

It's going to be a challenge but Dave is going to see if we can get him podcasting. Dave is thinking using an iPhone with Boss Jock Studio.

You Need To Learn Some Tech [6:00]

So many people don't podcast because they think they need to be an uber geek. While you don't have to be a geek, you do have to have some technical skills. Many you already have (uploading images to Facebook is like uploading a media file to Libsyn). 

Don't be afraid of the technology. We so often panic when we see things for the first time. Take it in bite size chunks

Internal Podcasts for Companies [11:25]

Rich is creating a podcast and wants to use Sharepoint. 

It turns our that since you would have to log in to hear it you would not be able to list this in iTunes. Having a private podcast can be a huge savings over sales meetings and such. But if its not public, it can be a challenge. 

Make sure the mp3 file is exposed to the world. 

What Happens When There is No Topic For Your Show? [31:02]

Easy to Fix Mistakes that Podcasters make. 

Tools for helping create content. 


Google Docs

Google Alerts

Voice Memo Tool on Phone

ATR2100 Microphone Prices [40:00]

This microphone is going up in price due to supply and demand. Even though this microphone is still $59 its still worth it. The Samson Q2U is the same microphone.

Amazon Closed My Account

I use Pretty Link pro and used the “Pretty Bar” option to make a link (accidentally) and this (according to Amazon) puts the link in the iFrame. This goes against their policies. 

I also found out from talking to the Amazon Associates support that you can't put affiliate links in newsletters. 

Please note the tip on making a subdomain that starts with the word “” is also against their policy. (I found this out after this was recorded). 

Jim is Using Chat Wing for Chats on his Live Calls

Jim is happy using because it works on an iPad (non flash), and people can login via twitter, facebook, or guest. 



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