June 2013 Income Report $1113

June was an interesting month. I cut back a bit on my consulting so I could prepare for my new product at www.howtopodcast.com, I also had a number of domain names comes through. I also had two of my clients podfade due to illness. Speaking of illness, I also took some time off to take care of my wife who had surgery. Like I said, June was an interesting month.


School of Podcasting – $1411
Logical Weight Loss – 46.87
Weekly Web Tools – 84
More Podcast Money – 39.
Podcast Review Show – $10
Marketing Musician – $10
Jillian Michaels Podcast – 11.
DavidJackson.org – 27.
Audible – 150
Podcast Review Show – $10
Total – $1579

Income Breakdown:
Consulting – 47%
Affiliate Income – 31%
Membership – 19%
Book Sales – 3%


Media Hosting – $99
Web Hosting – $64
Office Rental – $225
Scribe SEO – $27
Internet – $113
Harvest – $12
Vcita – $12
Godaddy – $114
Total – $666

Net Income $1113

If you’d like to see the strategies I have used to do this, pick up my book “More Podcast Money.”

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  1. Tom
    9 months ago

    I was wondering if you could help me find a source of reporting on the state of the Podcasting world. How big it is, YOY growth, Ad revenues and how video podcasts are doing.
    Would love to chat with you.

  2. dave jackson
    8 months ago

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