How Many Strikes Do Podcasters Get?


Even though I asked, “How many strikes do you give a podcast before turning out?” nobody answered with a number. Instead, the answers were “it depends.” It sounds that you are going to get more strikes if you are delivering

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The CUB Approach to Podcast Reviews

CUB stands for is it Confusing, Unbelievable, or Boring. If you have any of these, it's time to edit the show.

Because of My Podcast: Ray Edwards

I attend Ray's copywriting Academy and Ray mentioned how he had a client hire him for a $10,000 job from a podcast Ray puts out for free.

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July's Question

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2 thoughts on “How Many Strikes Do Podcasters Get?”

  1. After listening to the responses from your listeners, I realized what it was that made me turn off or unsubscribe from a show. It turns out not to be the audio quality or number of ummms that weren’t edited out.

    You know what it turns out to be? It’s that they don’t OWN IT!

    If the host’s presentation is “kinda, sorta like maybe” then why am I wasting my time?

    Look, there are tons of shows where hosts are chatting about their opinions and preferences that don’t interest me. I respect that.

    But when a host – or even worst is when a GUEST – stammers around a topic then I’m not convinced he/she knows what they are talking about.

    If the host isn’t 110% sold that his content is helpful to his/her listeners then don’t bother creating an RSS feed.

    OWN IT like Ryan Michler at Order of Man or Shannon McLay at Martinis and Your Money.
    Present compelling topics that don’t beat around the bush.
    Bring your A-game – not your “Okay-game” and I’m more likely to hit the Subscribe button.

    Thanks for another great episode Dave.

  2. I cannot believe the arrogance of Cliff ravenscraft to say that he doesn’t listen to other people’s podcast unless it is suggested by some of his trusted people. Really? Like Really. How arrogant is that. A man who teaches podcasting courses and is like the guru of podcasting but he doesn’t listen to other people’s podcast. Who in the hell told him he was sitting on a high pedestal for him to be so arrongant that he thinks he is to good to listen to someone’s podcast. He is just so ignorant. And I hope he reads this comment but more than likely he won’t because if he is that arrogant in which he is too good to listen to other people’s podcast he sure is not going to read any comments either. What an arrogant S.O.B

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