March 2013 Income $2049

Podcast Income

Here is the income I generated in March 2013 working Monday and Thursday nights and some time on Saturdays. It was a good month as I picked up some nice consulting clients, and I added audio editing as a service.  If you're wondering “What is up with posting your income? I call it social proof for my book “More Podcast Money.” I've always been an open book, and you have any questions, I hope this helps you see I'm here to help.

School of Podcasting : 2167
All (audible): 195
Logical Weight Loss: 34.
Weekly Web Tools 217
Jilian Michaels Podcast: 93 65
More Podcast Money: 42
Marketing Musician: 14
Podcast Review Show: 20
Building a Better Dave: 0
Feeding My Faith: 0

$798 (media hosting, web hosting, rent, Internet, voicemail, speakpipe, scribe)

Net Income:2048

Breakdown of income:
Consulting: 61%
Membership 13%
Book Sales 1%

April's focus is implementing ways for members of the School of Podcasting to interact with each other.

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