Never Lose Your Voicemail Number


Did you know that if you don't use your phone number in 30 days it will go away? Well here is a way to never worry about losing your voicemail. Check out where you can get a toll free number for $2 a month (plus .06 a call for each minute). No matter if people call or not, you will not lose your phone number.

Always looking for shw intros “This is __ from the ___ and you're listneing to the School of Podcasting's morning announcements.

Looking for a cheap hosting? Check out (SOP members get %25 off the already low price).

Dave talks about a poll he was doing on another non-podcast related site. The results:

Have you listened to a Podcast?
Yes 27 percent
No 61 Percent
What is a podcast? 12 percent

Comments from Laura of really liked the tutorial at (You can link to this at this page )

Podcast Reviews Websites
Podcast Fanatic
Podcast Reviews 
Audio Addicts
For Further Review
Podcast Reviews

New Portable Recorder Coming the Zoom H2
Check it out at Same Day Music $199

Other Sites Mentioned
Today in iPhone 
Dancing With Elephants

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