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First Impression of the Smart Podcast Player

Dave bought the Smart Podcast Player, and unfortunately it has a condlict with one of my other plugins. The good news is their support is all over it. I'm really impress with their team. It pulls your items in via the RSS feed (not the host). So you can use it if you're on Blubrry,com, (or really anybody).

Is a better player going to get you more listens?

Dave uses the player from

Next time you're  in Best Buy look at your site on a tablet.

My Podcast Reviews [09:50]

A cool service that gives you an archive of ALL of your reviews from ALL of the countries. Then going forward it will give you an email with any new reviews. Very cool and a big time saver. Check it out at

Daniel J Lewis is the guy behind this and he is also the guy behind the Subscribe and Follow WordPress Plugin.

Rapping Writing Class [15:23]

Dave is taking the rapid writing class at that has some great tips on making great content.

Twitter Tips [17:45]

Jim has been playing with Twitter and finds that much like every other platform, you get out of it what you put into it.

Zapier creates automation

Tweet Adder Twitter Automation Tool


Getting Rid of Crackles on Hangouts [26:00]

If you move your bandwidth to medium, you will hear “crackling”

Sony Sound Forge 30:29

What's the difference sound forge and audio studio? – nothing

Recording Skype 32:25

My Speed – Speed up Videos 

Trying to send the sound of your computer back into your computer. We also talk some editing workflow.

Reviewing Your Own Show 40:15

When listening to your own show, listen through the ears of your audience


Rescue Time Track Your Efficiency [43:00]

This is a free tool that tracks how much time you spend on websites, in software, etc. Check it out at is another tool, but Rescue Time is a bit more automated.

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