Pausing Your Podcast – Podcasting Networks

Today Dave and Jim talk about Podfading, podcast networks, watching download spikes, and more. Today's show is brought to your by MySpeed.


Today we talk about

Binge Listening [2:00]

Podfading [3:00]

Why Does Your Customer Come Back[12:00]

John Lee Domis on New Media Show [13:35]

Is there a problem stating there is only one way to Podcast?[15:15]

Weird Spikes in Downloads 18:00

MySpeed Speeds up Video

This is a great tool that allows you to speed up videos. It's like getting more hours in the day. Check it out at

Bounce Rates [26:00]

Get a Podcast Accountability Number [30:00}

Why Not Create a Network 35:00

Dave and Jim talk about what makes up a network and the benefits

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  1. Dan
    4 years ago

    If you decided to make a network or production brand, how about something along the lines of The Acquired Taste Podcasting Network? 😉

  2. Dave Jackson
    4 years ago

    I like that one…hmmm

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