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A list of the top Money Making 20 Celebrity Podcasts


Dave's Pops a Cork [14:30]

Dave is tried of people saying “only” when referring to their audience. Those are people, not numbers.

You can find royalty free music at the School of Podcasting Links

What's a Good Launch [27:30]

Dave tries to get Bill to focus on ONE thing as he rolls out three podcasts at the same time.

New and Noteworthy is not THE answer to all because:

The effect of new and noteworthy varies per genre

You still need to KEEP the people who find you.

Spreaker and iHeart Radio [34:00-ish]

Spreaker somewhat messes up your ID3 tags, and getting into iHeart radio is something you have to submit (it's not easy)

This would be something to do after  you've got your show up and running and going.

It's not easy to find shows on iHeart

Free ride to spreaker is coming to an end based on comments on the New Media show

Mac's Are Easy? [40:00]

Bill doesn't like his Mac.

There is a learning curve.

What You Need to Know in WordPress [45:00]

You need to be able to

Add a page

Add a post

Control comments

Add a plugin

Add a theme

You don't need to know CSS and all these others things. Keep it simple.

Why the About Page is Important?

For me, its the most clicked on page on my website.

See podcast.crazyegg.com to get a free month

Mentioned on the Show

RED Podast Give away

Crazy Egg Heat Mapping Software

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Web Pages That Suck: Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design with CDROM

Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (3rd Edition) (Voices That Matter)


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