Podcast Promotion – Social Bro – Hip Chat


3:50 Google Kills Orkit

5:00 Social Bro
12:30 Audience Download break down
19:00 Stitcher and Spreaker News
20:35 Android Autio
22:30 Podcast Apps
27:00 Hip Chat
30:15 Promoting Google Hangouts
32:19 Hip Chat talk
39:00 My Speed is helping me get caught up watching videos
40:45 Ray Edwards Rapid Writing Method
42:00 YouTube End Cards – Google Creator Academy
48:00 Dave’s Talk at Podcast Movement
49:00 Podcast Best Practices
50:00 Dave’s Secret Podcast
52:00 Audio Boo Support is best on Twitter
54:45 Live to Hard Drive Vs Post Production
57:00 Is there an Age Limit in Podcasting?

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