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Today I talk about a “new” feature I found at podcastvoicemail.com when I logged into get my messages (typically they forward the voice mail to me in a wav format, but I accidentally deleted the message, but it still resided on their website. When I logged in, I saw where I could create call now button (see below). Click the button and enter your phone number. The system calls you, and you leave a message.

So now instead of people having to remember your phone number, you can tell your listener to simply click the button.  (give it a try and leave me a message – you might end up on the show!).

Portable Microphones For iPod

Daniel Johnson Jr asked if I had any insights into portable recorders for your ipod/iphone. I do not (I haven't tested any), but I know the “blue” company seems to have a good reputation and they make the

BLUE Mikey G2 iPod Microphone Recorder if you know of one (that you have used, or you know someone who has one) let us know using call button above.

Last 5 in 5 by Danel John Jr of the www.howigotmyjob.com

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2. Six Pixels of Separation http://www.twistimage.com/podcast/

3. Daily Audio Bible Podcast http://dailyaudiobible.com

4. Marketing Over Coffee http://www.marketingovercofee.com

5. This American Life www.thisamericanlife.org

Please note podcastvoicemail.com is an affiliate link for my prefered voicemail partner. I not only promote them, I use them.

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