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Podcast Awards

Thanks for stopping by. As of right now, voting is closed.

If you took the time to vote, I can't thank you enough. At this point we just sit and wait until January at NMX.




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  1. Dustin
    3 years ago

    Hey Dave Jackson,

    I wanted to just take a minute and tell you thanks for your show. I listen to it weekly and often check my podcast app to see if you have another one coming. I heard about you from the Podcast Answerman one day and wanted to check you out. I did and I have been a listener ever since. I would say you are one of my top five podcast I listen to. I enjoy your content and warm personality. I really do feel like you are talking to me. kinda weird but cool at the same time. Hope to meet you one day.

    Dustin Dauenhauer

  2. dave jackson
    3 years ago

    Thanks man. Deeply appreciated

  3. Daniel J. Lewis
    3 years ago

    Thank you for the kind shout-outs!

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