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Be Seen as an Expert

Today we have an interview with Kern Ramsdell of the homrecordingweekly.com podcast.  In the interview you will hear the following:

  • Kern wasn’t sure anyone would listen to him
  • He wanted to talk to some of the experts in his field
  • Kern had not been getting any major results from having “just a blog.”

When Kern took his blog and turned it into a podcast:

  • He is doing consulting work
  • He is talking to leaders in his field

Your Listeners WILL go back and download ALL of Your Episodes

Today we hear from a clip the the Build Your Online Store podcast where we hear how a new listener found Terry’s podcast and went and downloaded the back catalog

Why Amazon S3 is NOT Good good for Podcast Hosting

I wrote about this on my blog, but if I had been using Amazon S3 in July, I would’ve had 50o Gigabytes of bandwidth would have been $56. (where Libsyn and Blubrry charge ONE fee no matter how many listeners you have)

Live Vs Post Production Recording Styles

Pros of Post Production:
Precision control of volumes, content (especially interviews).

Cons of Post Production:
You have an extra step at the end where you “Mix down” your files into one MP3 (typically 5-10 minutes depending on how long your epsidoe is).

Pros of “Live”: recording:
get done (in theory) you are done. You just tag your files and upload them. If you are using sound effects played live to get your co-host(s) to react, “live” recording is the way to go.

Cons of Live Recording:
Interview guests who are boring.
The time you save not doing post production are wasted doing pre-production setting volumes.

Mentioned on Today’s Podcast

Last week;s episode about how much money I made in July

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Leave A Reply (3 comments so far)

  1. Neil
    2 years ago

    Lol, your Cosby impression was outstanding. : )

  2. Dave Jackson
    2 years ago

    Makes me want to put on a sweater. Thanks. I actually laughed when I heard it in the car. I wonder sometimes if I come off “too goofy” but I’ve always been Goofy. I classify my teaching style as “edu-tainment.”

  3. Kern
    2 years ago

    Thanks so much Dave! I am humbled, now more than ever! You are so kind and so wonderful!

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