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A wireless system for broadcasting a webinar of a class 2:45

Jim talks about a system where people watching a Google hangout can choose camera angles.

Online training and podcasting are merging together. Instructors are seeing grades go up when students can consume the content whenever they want wherever they want.

iPhones Now Can Start Podcasting by Speaking – 17:00

Hold down the button on your iPhone and say “Siri, play the Ask the Podcast Coach Podcast” and see what happens.

Central Submission Location for Podcasters ?18:15

We have two schools of thoughts on this, if there is ONE place to find podcasters it makes it easy to find them, but it also gives whoever runs this directory a LOT of power.

How Much do Advertisers Care About Platforms 28:30

Do buyers care that you are on Stitcher and these others platforms?

In most cases they are going to care about the number of downloads, your demographics. How they get you may not be of importance.

We also talk about affiliate marketing

Jason talks about Blubrry. You can get a free month at blubrry.com using the coupon code sopfree.

Get Noticed Theme Review Coming Next Week 55:00

Next week we will have Ryan Parker of Food Craftsmen to talk about the Get Noticed Theme

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