Soundcloud Podcast May Not Be a Podcast

I come across people who want help getting into iTunes. When I get to their site, there are times when they are missing some of the basic ingredients. I see where people are getting confused between having streaming audio on a website, and think they have a podcast. This video shows you how using a platform like SoundCloud may not work for podcasting. They DO have a podcasting option, but their service is over-priced and their stats are not in the same league as or They also set a total limit on how much you can upload (libsyn and blubrry do not, they only limit the amount you can upload per month, but this rolls over each month).

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Having an Unlimited Back Catalog

One criteria I set for a media host is the ability to have an unlimited back catalog. This way when people discover your podcast, they can download your entire back catalog. This helps you build a relationship with your audience. To get an unlimited plan on Soundcloud it is €59 a month (or $95.07 US). Compare that to and you get 400M of storage per month for $20 or 250M of space at for $20/month.

Direct Link To Media

The key ingredient to this podcasting puzzle is having a direct link to the media file. With SoundCloud if they give you code to a player, or a shortcode to a widget, this is NOT the same as having a link to your media (mp3 file or video).

Avoid Podcasting Pitfalls

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5 thoughts on “Soundcloud Podcast May Not Be a Podcast”

  1. First off thank you for all of your great podcasting advice! I just noticed soundcloud started allowing soundcloud users to post on Twitter via a “audio card” Twitter is calling it. Pretty neat but as you said not a soundclud user for my podcast due to some reasons you listed above. For my podcast I insert the media via URL in my wordpress site using the direct download link that libsyn supplies. Do you recommend this method for posting audio on the website or should I point people to iTunes? Or use a Libsyn player? Thanks so much!

  2. It looks like SoundCloud unlimited is $90/year now, not $59/month, which makes it a much more affordable option than described above.

  3. My name is Denard Walker and I am currently switching to a career in broadcasting. I currently have a team of people who are working with me but a lot of the information is new. I am looking for someone who can help me set up a podcast and how to create a podcast to get the material out for people to view it.

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