Promoting Your Podcast With T-shirts

One way to promote your show is by wearing your logo, show name, tag line, on a shirt or hat. This video explains the pros and cons of using t-shirts. If you have the budget (and a rabid following) then purchasing t-shirts in bulk can be a strategy (realize its you who may be doing the trips to the post office). The alterntive is to do t-shirts on demand (but the price of the t-shirts are high). This video shows three on demand systems: Shirt City, Shirt Magic, and Cafe Press.

For more information visit Shirt City, Shirt Magic, or Cafe Press.

Since making this video, I have also played with Zazzle which has a nice interface. It resulted in a shirt that was also around $32.

Have you found a better deal? Let me know in the comments below

6 thoughts on “Promoting Your Podcast With T-shirts”

  1. Hi Dave, i just found your site on LIbsyn. I too am a podcast enthusiast (although new to the game) and I have enjoyed your site thus far. I have a company that makes shirts for another company that I run for 6-7 bucks a pop, so I find its better to order 50+ at a time and get creative with how I use them, rather than pay 30 bucks each.

    I will probably get some made for the podcast and include a sell link on my website… but I like your idea of sporting the shirt around town…

    Keep up the great work-

    Shark Tank Podcast

  2. Hey Dave. One site I use is Spreadshirt. It allows you to set up a free storefront to display your shirts. They also have a lot of other products (mugs, tote bags, etc) you can sell. The design interface is super-simple and the price customers pay isn’t too bad.

    If you want to check out my store, here’s the link:

  3. Hi Dave,

    My friend Lisa Irby uses Zazzle for her Tshirt store. She’s does well with it for one of her sites geared toward natural hair products. Have you heard anything about that one?

    Thanks for another great episode.

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