Proof Content is King


Today I talk about an example of how content is king. When you have content that people want to forward to their friends, you have great content. The book is Stuff white people like by Christian Lander. Here is his story in a nutshel.

His original concept was sent via text to a friend on 1/18/2008

He decided to make it into a blog. He sent an email to 25 friends.

3/8/2008 He had William Morris representing him.

3/31/2008 He had a book deal for his blog.

5/1/2008 Final Draft of book

7/2008 He was published

7/18/2008 on the New York Times Best Sellers

9/6/2008 Christian appeared on the Conan OBrian show.

Great Content

The no agenda show at reports on stories that the media should be but they are not. No Agenda (with Adam Curry and John C Divorak) reports on these stories. They also have a program where you can send them 1000 – and apparently people are. Why? Because of the content.

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