School of Podcasting Most Downloaded Episodes of 2014

I was looking over my downloads from last year to see what episodes were downloaded the most per day. I looked at each month and took the episode that had the highest number of downloads per day, for that month. Here is my list;

Top Episode of the Month for 2014 (By Downloads Per Day)

January:  The Podcast Success Formula – Names Not Numbers

February: Common Podcasting Mistakes That Are Easy to Fix – Creating And Selling A Book

March: Defining Your Mission – Episode 400 Celebration – Theater of the Mind

April:  SEO Benefits of Podcasting – Podcasting 101 Jason Parsons – iTunes Myths DEBUNKED

May: Is Soundcloud A Legitimate Option for Podcasting?

June: Keeping Your Brand In Front of Your Future Customers

July:  Picking Your Podcast Topic – Age Limits in Podcasting?

August:  Who Wants to Make a Difference?

September: Tools To Connect With and Grow Your Audience / Gaming The System

October: Two Questions You Need to Ask Every Audience Member – Snake Oil Shipments on the Way

November: Behind The Scene Stories Always Work – Voice mail Options – Story Podcast Wave?

December:  My Favorite Podcast Is… 2014 Version

Other Stats

Total Downloads for files released in 2014: 108,794

Total downloads of all files since 2005: 1,056,793

Average Downloads of files released in 2014: 2052 (53 episodes)

Most Downloaded Episode Overall: Episode 51 “Altec Lansing AHS3021 Headset Reviewed

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