Seismic Audio Slider 4 & 7 Investigation

One of the great things about podcasting is that you can build a community. With this in mind, a few episodes ago I mentioned how I had discovered a new Yamaha Mixer that had a built in compressor and inserts (for connecting signal processors like compressors and noise gates).

Within a week I got an email asking, “Hey Dave have you ever heard of Seismic Audio Slider 4?” To this I answered, “No.” I've contacted the company, and I'm impressed with the value you get which includes:

Three band EQChannel Inserts for both channels
Sliders instead of knobs (woo hoo!)
USB Interface
30 day Money Back Guarantee

The Slider 7¬† is the same mixer only it has five XLR inputs and a $99 price tag (putting it in the “too good to be true” category).

I've got a call and an email into company, and I left a message with the marketing department. I would love to get my hands on one. This could be a great mixer for podcasters.

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  1. Michael Stevens
    4 years ago

    Dave. The price and the benefits on this border on too good to be true, and if the product meets the promise, this will be an incredible financial savings for the podcasting newbie.

    Listen to your podcasts, and think you do great job. I hope to poke the bear soon with my own podcast. By poking the bear, I anticipate and have things set up to do a kentucky law podcast. Have the artwork, the domain, the equipment, and now just need the guts to get one out.


  2. dave jackson
    4 years ago

    So far not thrilled with the lack of response. Thats not my ego, but the ability to build relationships on their end. Mike, jump in the water. Set a date on the calendar and record. Put it together. Do three shows. Then throw them all away (maybe). And do another one. Don’t let paralysis by analysis do you in!


  3. According to the lone reviewer of the 4 on Amazon, the USB interface is NOT for connecting to a computer. Bummer.

  4. dave jackson
    4 years ago

    I have one on the way for a review so I will check that out. Thanks for the heads up Geoffrey.

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