September 2012 Podcast Income Report $951.08

Podcast Income

This report show my podcast income that I generated working part time (typically three evenings a week, and three hours on Saturdays).

Podcast Income

Affiliate Income
Amazon $31.08
Audible $105
Jillian Michaels $32.71
SOP Host Gator $300
Thesis  76.62

Total Affiliate Income: $455.41

Membership Sites: $437

Consulting: $363.49

Book Sales (more podcast money) 31.32

Total Income: $1287.22

Podcast Expenses

Amazon S3 Hosting $9.59
Web Hosting $15
Godaddy Domains $53.25  +25.43
Covideo $29.00
Kall8 Podcast Voicemail $2.37
Libsyn $29 (7+7+15)
Blubrry $12
Transcribe me $37.50
Splasheo Video intro $7.0
Podcast Designs $15
WP Themes $74
Scribe SEO $27

Total Expenses $336.14

Net Income:$951.08


I moved this month into a new office. I spent time researching office space, etc. I am investigating SEO tools such as scribe. I also took a hit on membership income as I provide a large break for members of the School of Podcasting to switch to the new membership model. I also am evaluating some of my domains.

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  1. Sheree
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the transparency. It’s much appreciated.

  2. Dave Jackson
    5 years ago

    Thanks Sheree. I’m here to help. Not trying to snow anybody. I just want to help people.

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