Tips on Show Notes – Skype Echo – Podcast Monetization

Today we are using Magic Jack to take callers as well as we are giving another chance (and it worked fine). Here are some of the topics we covered today:


Changing Your Name [3:00]

Jim renamed his show to home gadget geeks which leads people to better understand what his show is about. He did mention that you do need to change your show name and logo everywhere, and stitcher is taking a little longer. A couple of weeks of work.

Jim mentions as a service for people who are looking to monetize their website (but don’t want the hassle). It’s kind o fa set it and forget it service.

Starting Forums [8:50]

It takes a lot of work to get a forum to work. You can use comments on your website until your audience becomes too much for comments.

Live Feedback is Awesome [13:00]

Facebook seems to be the new “forums” and you can create a private group that operates similar to a forum.

New Call in Number


Spreaker at 30,000 free [16:30]

Jim had someone listen to his podcast on spreaker on a plane.

Show Note Tips[19:00]

What makes good show notes?

Share a page with co-hosts can help as you can use that for your show notes.

SEO Experts say you need at least 300 words. 700 words in your post would be better.

Dave likes to pull items from the chat room.

Jim uses a Google Doc and lets his guest share items in the document.

Do you need headphones on Skype[24:50]

Quick answer: yes.

Jim’s Mobile Live Setup [28:20]

Jim uses his laptop and headphone amplifier, and an art microphone preamp (that operates on battery).

Multiple Skype recordings? [34:50]

This does not record every person in their own channel via skype.

Live Sound Tips [38:30]

Put the speakers in front of the microphones or have your speakers behind the speakers (helps eliminate feedback).

 Stats Question [43:05]

I feel defeated when I look at my stats

Be careful setting expectations, and if something makes you upset – quit looking at it.

Get out there and help someone to help deviate your attention

Starting a Podcast Just for Money[50:10]

Dave feels that you should NOT start a podcast for the only purpose of making money.

There are people saying if you can’t make money with a podcast you should never start

You CAN make money with a podcast, but you need to treat it like a business/job.

More Podcast Money Book


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