Testing UberConference – Boom Arms and Recorders

Today on “Ask the Podcast Coach” Dave celebrates 49 years of living and hangs out with his podcasting friends. Today we are testing an new setup. Instead of connecting via skype, and doing a conference call with callinstudio.com and Jim on skype. I am connecting to Jim on a Google Hangout, and we are using Uberconference.

Retraction From Last Week [6:00]

Last week we talked about a great tip for using Amazon affiliates. This included using amazon.yourwebsite.com Well thanks to a listener we found out that Jeremy Barlow found that article 2G states we can't use that tactic. We apologize for everyone, both Jim and I had looked into this, and somehow this got by us. Thanks so much for Jeremy for pointing us to the right spot.

We talk about getting a live call into a hangout (if possible) and we have a few people who call in using their computer, and in the end the person who used their house phone sounded the best. Here is the link to the terms.

Export to WAV on Mac Computer [39:00]

You can export to an AIFF file on a mac. You can't export to a WAV on a MAC (you can on a PC).


 Gear Talk

Broadcast Studio Microphone Mic Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with Shock Mount

 Cool package for Heil PR40

Heil PR2 Arm

46″ Boom Arm

According the Mike and John from the chat room Gemini recorders should be avoided. Stick with a known name like Tascam


Put Your Camera on A Boom Arm [52:00]

Ryan Parker from foodcrafsmen.com uses a boom arm for his camera. He save money purchasing a desk lamp from Walmart and converting it.

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  1. @akaTGIF on Twitter
    4 years ago

    Hey Dave,

    I stumbled onto Uber recently and was planning on going a test run also.

    If you could please clarify – do you simply open the Uber Conference interface and then use your internet connection to make your call’s?

    Thanks for the variety that your delivering with your shows.


  2. Dave Jackson
    4 years ago

    Google Hangout (not on air) calls uberconference. So Im ptached into Jim via Hangout, and into Conference via hangout calling uberconference. Sadly last week it dropped two calls.

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