The Last 5 in 5

I am starting a new segment “last 5 in 5.” This segment will not feature your most favorite podcasts (in theory) but the last 5 podcasts you listened to. (So if anyone complains “You didn't mention my podcast,” you can explain it THE LAST 5 podcasts you listened to).

If you want to review or comment on each podcast you can, but the segment has to be less than 5 minutes.

Call them in at 888-563-3228 (please use a land line for improved quality), or record them and email them to schoolofpodcasting – at – (separated to avoid spam).

Each segment will be introduced “Today's Last 5 in 5 comes from _____ and if you have a podcast we will mention your show name and website.”

The concept is that most of the podcasts I listen to I learned via word of mouth, and I want to provide a tool to increase word of mouth communication.


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