The Results are In! – Promotional Postcard Tool


I provide the results from last week's poll, a promotional Post Card Tool along with a podcasting idea.

The One Minute How To Podcast
A quick, fun way to cross promote your podcast. Check it out at

Dead Science Podcast

Voice Over Work From Scott Fletcher

Online Meetings Made Easy Try it Free for 45 days use Promo Code Podcast ;

Vertical Response – Postcard Creation tool. Only pay for those cards you sell, no contracts, etc.

Survey Results – Dave had a whole 6 people respond to last week's survey. Many people listen in the car on their portable media device. The audience is all male. (At this point) take the survey. HERE

Lane podcast

Last 5 in 5 From Rob of the Dead Science Podcast
1. The Morning Announcements (this podcast)
2. Podcast 411
3. The Paracast.
4. Haunted New Jersey Podcast
5. Building a Better Dave

People say what they want for Christmas The Zoon H4 Handy Recorder

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