Thesis Theme For WordPress – Worth the Money?

Today's show spotlights a cool new theme for WordPress with built in SEO, and easy to customize the site. I asked the author of the theme what it did for SEO and he answered,

Thesis also features the most advanced, semantically-correct HTML markup structure on the market. There are lots of situations where using default WordPress settings will result in a sub-optimal markup structure, and Thesis recognizes these situations and issues the proper markup instead. <h1> and <h2> tags are handled to perfection on every page of the theme, and you even have the ability to control nofollows and noindex attributes on an alarming number of theme elements and core pages (tag archive pages, for instance).

Also, Thesis is built for the future of SEO because it contains a ton of microformatted content served up in a meaningful way. In the years to come, search engines are going to use microformats to pull specific pieces of information from sites. In theory, this information is more “rich” because the markup contains additional data about the information, and in my opinion, SEs are going to leverage this in their results. Oh, and even if microformats do not become a meaningful piece of the SEO puzzle, they're still a HUGE piece of the accessibility puzzle, so you're going to win on that front no matter what.

I love the flexibility. If you dig in real deep you are going to need to have a little bit of code knowledge, but their forums are very active with people who can supply the answers you need. If I had one suggestion it would be to take that group of users and get them to put together some sort of wikki manual.

Check it out at

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  1. Byron
    6 years ago

    Hi Dave, fyi the media file on this post does not play. I was interested in listening.

  2. Dave Jackson
    6 years ago

    Byron, Here is the new video

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