Thoughts on Co-Hosting – Pausing Your Podcast – Mevio Closes

Pausing Your Podcast

Today's special co-host is Darren Dake from Engaging Life and Leadership podcast who shares his insights into co-hosting. When choosing a co-host some things yo might want to think about:

1. Finding someone who has the same passion

2. Someone who has the same schedule and can commit to the show.

3. Be sure to have things set in the vent you start getting popular so you know how does what, and how any money would get distributed.

4. When you get all the “business” out of the way you can get back to making great content that engages your audience.


How to Find other Podcasters In Your Area?

Check out as well as groups, forums, etc and maybe toss out that question.

If you build it they will come – just not true. You need to go to where your people are and network with them.

Hang Out on Air and your Podcast [13:45]

Thinking outside the box has been going for 6 months at

When sending an invite into the Hangout on Air, send the URL at the top of the screen (not the one at the bottom).

Make sure you don't have a pop up blocker. Ken is using Chrome on the mac.

Shutting Down Your Show [19:30]

There is nothing wrong with shutting down the show.

Go to the $7 a month plan at Libsyn so you can keep the basic stats.

Blubrry may have fancier stats on their free version.

The how long people are listening stats are only available in Stitcher.

Keep in mind many people find success with their second  podcast. If its not fun, don't do it.

Don't get too obsessed with your stats.

What is [26:00]

They are a podcast directory.

They are media host.

They offer free (and premium) podcast stats.

They are the people who maintain the Powerpress plugin (you don't need to use to use their plugin)

You can get a free month at using the coupon code sopfree

Titles can boost downloads (sowing a hummingbird in your pants)

Mevio Has Shut Down [32:50]

Dave shares the history of the one of the first podcast networks that has shut down.

He shares his insights on his blog. It's call “Why Mevio Failed.”

Growing Your Podcast Audience [38:41]

Alana from Two Chairs No Waiting podcast (a podcast about the Andy Griffith show) asks, “Is podcasting becoming all about Money?”

Try to tap into your community.

Beware of People Who Are Telling You How to Be a Podcast Star[50:32]

I wrote a podcast asking, “Do you know who your podcast consultant is?”

Mentioned in the Show

Churches and Chipotle


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