What Does the Stitcher Sale Mean? – Growing Your Audience (ask the podcast coach)


As always this show is taped live and we're never quite sure where its going. Here is a list of the topics people called in to talk about.

5:00 Stitcher Purchase

10:00 Subtle Voice Change – Kim from onthetablepodcasts.com

13:50 – Live Numbers May Be

18:00 – no Caller

19:22 CHeck your microphone

20:15 Libsyn files now will play on Facebook

21:39 Craig – Appendipity Pro Review Branding

30:00 Reverse Enginnering Your Podcast

33:45 Growing Your Audience

37:03 Podcast Directories

37:30 Making Money with Podcasting

42:30 No Caller 43:44

43:44 Cool Tools Web Up Time Robot

46:00 Podcast Release Sign Form

48:38 Doris question

53:20 Mixcloud Designed for DJs – Handle the music rights.

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