Black Friday Deals For Podcasters I Actually Purchased

Oh no, not another Black Friday deals list. Yes, but I'm hoping one fact makes this list different. I have purchased all these products (and in this case upgraded some of my previous purchases). If you're a podcaster (or wannabe podcaster) you might want to check these out.

Simple Sounds Preamps

Back in October of 2017, I was introduced to Simply Sound preamps. (see episode). They have a new version now that does not require you to buy an additional mic cord and plugs directly in your microphone ( if you've ever seen a fet head – which is around $90 – it's like a fet head). This is a new design and for a limited time, it's $29.99 (normally $74.99).

Check it out

Elementor Page Builder

I love this tool. The free version is great and the pro version is even better and they are running a great deal.

Discounts range from 10% – 30% .

Check it out

My Favorite Plugin Social Warfare Pro

This plugin makes it super easy to share your podcast, super easy to make “click to tweet” and my favorite i dictate what image shows when people do share it on social. Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY40¬†to save 40%.

Check it out

Click here to see a Social Warfare generated tweet.Click To Tweet

Astra WordPress Theme

For me, the Astra theme is super flexible (and super lightweight). When you combine it with Elementor, you have a website that can do anything. They are offering 30% off their theme.

Check it out

SecondLine Podcast Themes

I use this theme on and they have tools for podcasters built-in (like a pretty awesome subscribe widget). They are offering 25% off today using the coupon code BFCM2019. If I had to pick between Astra and Secondline themes, as a podcaster, their subscribe widget is pretty darn cool. Astra is super flexible (so it somewhat depends on what you want to do on your website).

Check it out

Monster Insights 60% Off

Monster Insights is a great service/plugin for WordPress that makes it super easy to do two things:

  1. It integrates Google Analytics into your website
  2. It makes understanding Google Analytics much easier.

Check it out at

Accusonus Plugins 72% off

Accusonus ERA 4 Plugins are 72% off. This includes a de-plosive, noise removal, voice leveler, De-esser, de-clip, and de-reverb. I talk about which one of those I like and which ones I feel is “meg” in my latest episode at

There is a 14-day trial and it works with most (Audacity, Audition) as they are VST plugins. Check it out at

Don't Forget The Value

As much as these tools can help enhance, present and promote your content, don't forget that in the end it's all about the value you deliver in your content that counts. Nobody will share it if there is no value. Nobody cares what it sounds like if there is no value. Nobody cares what your site looks like if there is no value.

If you need help polishing your value, I'd love to help. You can find me at

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