Your Favorite Episode of Your Podcast (and why)


Today we revisit the topic of Impostor Syndrome (something we talked about in episode 627), as you won’t believe who has impostor syndrome (the whole, “Why would anyone listen to me???). 

We also share what your favorite episode is and why (some pretty amazing answers thanks to all who participated). 

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Don’t Quit On a Bad Day – How Glenn and Jamie Thrive After 2500 Episodes


Glenn “The Geek” Hebert and Jamie Jennings have been doing a ninety-minute daily show Horses in the Morning since 2010. If you listened to the show 24 hours a day it would take you 150 days to listen to all the episodes. That is a HUGE amount of work along with finding sponsors, booking over 6000 guests, facilitating contents and more. Today they share their secrets to longevity while keeping their sanity. Horses in the Morning is part of the Horse Radio Network.

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