The Power of Books

Today I suggest that if your show is feeling stale, maybe a change of input could help. One form of content that might be getting overlooked is books. In addition to libraries, there are online tools. In Ohio, we have Libby and Hoopla Digital which allow you to listen audiobooks for free. Spotify has recently added audiobooks to their service and Amazon has Audible.

When you change the information feeding your brain, you change the output of your show.

Keep in mind that you can be inspired by books, but don't plagiarize.

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Is Your Podcast Content Stale?

It can get a bit boring after a while when you keep doing the same things you always do. For me, I see people asking about microphones, media hosts, and remote recording every week. This is normal, as many new podcasters are starting each week.

If you browse the same Facebook groups, Reddit, etc you may see the same subjects over and over. Maybe you're using an RSS reader and the same blogs deliver similar content. This is where I say don't forget to READ (or listen). For me books are more thought out, well edited, and precise with information. Yes, not every chapter is AMAZING, but the research put into a well-written book often delivers great content that can inspire you in ways the “Same ol' sam ol'” content is not.


Zo from Back Look Cinema

J from Okie Bookcast

John Finkelde – Grow a Healthy Church

York from Welcome to Earth Stories

Mark from Practical Prepping

Mike from the 70's Vs the 80s

(Mike, buy a domain at and point at something).

Craig from Live Well and Flourish

Mark From

Ralph From Ask Ralph Show (Personal Finance from a Christian Perspective)

Books Mentioned

Profit From Your PodcastOld Man's War

Bird by Bird

Crucial Conversations

The Giving Tree

Success Principles

Born to Run

Letters From a Stoic

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Story brand

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Mastering Your Finances (Free when you sign up for the newsletter)

Storyworthy by Mathew Dicks

Profit From Your Podcast

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