Zoom ZDM1 VS Rode Podmic

Zoom is really stepping up their game with the Zoom Podtrack P4 portable recorder (see my review), and the Zoom ZDM1 Dynamic microphone. It's great to see a company that is embracing podcasting and creating products specifically for podcasts. 

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Super Serve Your Niche – Lessons from Tyler Perry

As I continue (as a middle-aged white dude) to attempt to learn more about Black History, Culture, and issues, a friend of mine suggested I watch the TV show Black AF on Netflix as there is always a hidden history lesson.   (a writer and producer)  plays a television writer and producer (named Kenya Berris). In...

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How To Measure Your Podcast Audience Engagement

It's to know what is working for your audience. Sure you can look at your downloads, email responses, and comments but there are other ways to look at engagement. Today in episode 738 I dig deeper.

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