How to Tell Better Stories with Matthew Dicks

Matthew Dicks is the "Yoda" of storytelling and has THE book on how to shape your words for maximum impact. Words have power. They help us attract a partner, get a job, win a case, sell your product. Matthew Dicks is the ultimate wordsmith with great tips.

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What Podcasters Can Learn From Eddie Van Halen

Van Halen was on the charts from 1978 to 1995 selling 56 million records. Guitarist Eddie Van Halen died this week from cancer and we look at his career to see what podcasters can learn from him.

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How Podcasting Boosts Elizabeth Benton's  Seven Figure Business

Elizabeth is known as a health and nutrition guru, but to me, she is more of a "mindset guru." She is someone who has dug herself out of being $130,000 in debt, and has lost (and kept off) 150 lbs. My audience from the Logical Weight Loss podcast told me I HAD to read her book, Chasing Cupcakes (get it...

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