Get and Manage Interviews with Poddit – an Interview with Brent Besham

Last year I met Brent Besham and She Podcast Live and hear about Poddit.  In this interview, you'll learn what Poddit is, and how you can use it.

Time Table

[03:03] Poddit Interview – Brent Basham

[14:43] A Guest Questionnaire

[22:11] What Podcasters Can Learn From Michael Jordan

[24:22] Focus Groups Tips

[27:47] Website Webinar May 20th

[28:13] Descript is Pretty Cool

[31:16] SOP Housekeeping

What is Poddit?

People are using email, they're using Google forms, and we're moving a direction to really try to solve that pain point for podcasters where they can push everything to our platform, use our platform. To coordinate and integrate, like the scheduling and all the different parts of it. It could be the central place for coordination of the interview and all the details and reminders, and there's a lot of things.

The Goal of Poddit?

Poddit wants to be the best way to connect for your next podcast interview. There's a lot of facets to that on each side of the mic and they are exploring and expanding on both sides.

Super Easy to Setup

You can use the service for free, but if you choose a paid plan your listing looks a little better compared to everyone who uses the free plan. You can click HERE to see the School of Podcasting's Poddit page. You can add your top episodes to your page, and you can explain what type of guest you are looking for, some images, YouTube videos, and more. It can be a nice snapshot of your show.

The Cover Charge to Be On Your Show

When I was a musician, some places I performed at had a “cover charge” (that was typical $5) to get in the door. This allows the band to see who their true fans were. This works the same for guests. If you are using Poddit, they need to sign up (for free) to apply to be on your show. Not everyone will do this, which may eliminate some of the spam in your inbox which is one of the goals of Poddit. I know I already have a rewritten response that I will be using Text Expander to alert people they need to contact me through my poddit page. There I have a questionnaire.

Poddit Preview Video

Click here to watch the Poddit Preview Video

Potential Questions for Your Questionaire

We talk about this in the interview about being and conducting interviews, but now you can really ask some questions to help filter out people who won't be valuable to your show.

Here are some of my questions:

Do you have a link where I can hear you on a previous show? 

This way I can hear what kind of audio quality they have. If they are using the blue Yeti located in another room of the house, I would pass.

Are you willing to share the show on Social/Email?

While I never expect them to, I'd like to plant the seed that it is expected.

Do you listen to my show? If so what is your favorite episode and why?

This is really forcing someone to show their hand, or at least makeup something by reading your episode titles.

As I don't know you, I reserve the right to not publish our interview in the event it doesn't fit my audience.

This gives you a guilt-free way to eliminate not publishing a show, and people see you are serious about your content.

What online platforms are you familiar with and do you have a favorite?

This is for people doing interviews online and gives you a glimpse into their technical know-how.

Out of your experiences, which one will resonate the best with my audience?

This question is trying to politely say, “What are you going to say that is valuable to my audience?”

My Obsession with Focus Groups Continues

There is an article that talks about someone getting to the top of the charts. Each episode is ~45 minutes long and takes roughly three months to produce.

My goal with the MVP was to determine if the concept was going to resonate with anybody apart from my parents (who I knew were going to tell me that the show is amazing nevermind the fact they don’t speak English). So I created a survey asking HN listeners to rate each episode on a 1 to 4 scale (corresponding to POOR – SO-SO – GOOD – GREAT).

Your Podcast Website Webinar

This free webinar will cover what you can do on your website, best practices, and some new tools you can use to create a great looking, highly functional website.

Go to

Question of the Month

Did you use any kind of focus group for your podcast? If you did what did you learn, if not why not?

I need your answers by May 22nd, 2020. Be sure to mention your podcast and website (slowly)


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