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How the Quick Start Podcast Plan Works:

With the quick start plan here is what happens. Contact me, and I will send you a link to order your hosting for your website. When you order WordPress Hosting  through my link I earn a commission (so that's the “win” for me).  Here is what you do, and how you benefit.

1. You forward your order information to me, and I will install WordPress (the software to manage your website/podcast). I will remove all the items that you don't need that get installed by default. When you are ready, I will then install the items you do need to podcast (like the Libsyn plugin, or the  Powerpress plugin). When I'm done all your website will need is some graphics.($75 value)

2. I will give you a 30 day pass to the School of Podcasting ($49 value) so you can learn the skills to manage your website, as well as the skills to record your podcast and get it into iTunes.

3. You will have email support for any questions you have, and if needed we can set up a live 30 minute meeting via phone or webinar to answer any questions you need. ($75 value).

So with the quick start plan you spend a few dollars on web hosting and everything get put into place.

If you already have a website, or web hosting, then this plan is not for you. In that case, you can join the school of podcasting or hire me for one on one consulting

If you have any questions use the contact me.



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