Today's episode is exciting as I introduce a brand-new show, “Podcasting Hot Seat.” This fresh concept blends the best elements of the Podcast Review Show and the Podcast Rodeo Show. Our inaugural guest on Podcasting Hot Seat is the multi-talented Stephanie Graham, who will discuss her engaging podcast, “Nosy AF,” her vibrant art practice, and the challenges and triumphs of maintaining a successful online presence.

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What is the Podcast Hot Seat?

The Podcast Hot Seat service is where you select an episode for me to listen to, and I then find all the great things you're doing so you can lean harder about those and identify anything both in your episode and on your website that might be holding you back. in addition to the podcast audit, you get a free month at the School of Podcasting, including the courses, the community, and unlimited coaching.

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Nosey AF Description (original)

Ever wonder what ignites the creative spark in inspiring artists, change-fighting activists, and even my neighbor who practices synchronized swimming in their inflatable pool every morning?

That's me, Stephanie Graham, artist, and filmmaker, diving deep with these movers and shakers on the noseyAF Podcast. Every other week, we'll explore their journeys and the secrets to making a difference and uncover captivating narratives.

Step into their creative worlds, ignite your curiosity and discover the inspiration that shapes landscapes and builds a better world.

As an artist, I'm passionate about weaving these stories into my work. We'll explore the challenges and routines that fuel success, venture behind the scenes, and share updates on my artistic journey.

Join the noseyAF community – every episode is an invitation to explore, learn, and grow together!


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What I Liked

  • Stephanie has a great personality, and it shines through the microphone. When she goes on a tangent at the beginning of the episode (something I typically frown on), her passion for the writer's strike and sticking up for yourself gives a glimpse into the activists' side of the show.
  • I loved the sarcasm in the intro, which let me know we're going to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.
  • Her first question was a great way to get the guests talking about themselves and potentially lead to stories or insights into the guests.
  • The Audio sounded good and the interview was very conversational.
  • Her transition into her midroll spot was seamless, and the presentation was smooth.

What I Thought Needed Some Help

  • Her intro could be more specific on who this is for and what the benefit is, and make it shorter.
  • While I loved the show's conversational style, a few stories seemed to go off the rails and lose their direction.
  • The content doesn't really align with her motivation for positioning herself as someone who could help with art shows or get eyes on her own art for purchase.
  • The messaging on the website was different than the podcast (so just tidy that up).
  • You might consider developing a lead magnet to grow your show faster.

Additional Thoughts

When you are using your show to position yourself as a thought leader, etc., interview people who know people who should hire you or who should hire you themselves.

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