Expo Toy Roundup Part I


Dave crawls back to the microphone after a fun week in California. Some folks I mentioned Jason Van Orden (http://www.podcastingunderground.com/ ) and Paul Colligan (http://www.paulcolligan.com/ ). Paolo from www.italyfromtheinside.com

Both of these tools allow you to update your pdocast from anywhere.
www.imorphoisis.com The “Coffe Warmer” podcast updating tool
http://www.podcastready.com/ Turn your USB device into a podcatcher.

Sweet Piece of Hardware (Thanks for the Demo Mark)

Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel Tube Mic Pre

(11:00) Last 5 in 5 from Mark Jenson of www.podsqod.com
MAC OSG http://podcast.macosg.com/
Palm OSC http://palmosc.com/test/
Apple News Now http://www.applenewsnow.com/
Project Studio Network www.projectstudionetwork.com
(yes, I know that's only four…)

Other Sites Mentioned: www.schoolofpodcasting.com/expo06

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