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I do not recommend equipment I wouldn't use myself.

My Podcast Gear

I get asked all the time what gear I use.
I have a listing of all the  gear I currently use (or have used) near the bottom of the page. Please note this page contains affiliate links, so any purchase you make after clicking on these links will result in my earning a commission. I thank you in advance for helping to support the show.

Here are the topics I get asked about the most. For all of my gear click on the expandable widget at the bottom of the page.

ATR2100 Microphone

I started out using a condenser microphone (because Radio stations did). I soon realized Radio stations also used sound proof booths. To make a long story short, this microphone jumps over many hurdles that podcasters face. It's dynamic (so it doesn't pick up EVERYTHING), it's USB (so it's easy to plugin), and it's also XLR (if you want to use it with a mixer). Best of all the ATR2100USB has a nice full warm sound with plenty of clarity as well. The microphone comes with a cable and a small desktop stand to get your going.

One piece of equipment you absolutely need is a pop filter ($15). The least you can do is get a windscreen


Sony Music Studio

Sony Music StudioIf you are on a mac, I recommend Audacity or Garageband. If you're on a PC I recommend Sony Music Studio This program has built in effects, makes it super easy to add fade in and fade outs, you can easily have music playing under your talking. You can easily add effects to one channel as well as your master output (great for compression). If a listener had not given me a more expensive program, I would still be using the software today.

Portable Recorders

ROland R-05 Portable RecorderWhile you do not NEED a portable recorder, after I lost a few episodes to software crashing (which is I prefer not to record directly into the computer) I purchased a portable recorder. As I get older my eyesight is not as good, so I opted for a recorder with a large, easy to read screen. I like the Roland R-05. The build in microphones sound good if you want to go portable, or you can plug your mixer directly into the recorder (or with a special cable your microphone directly into the recorder).

The other recorder I like (because of the larger screen is the Zoom H2N. Not only does it have built in microphones, and a large screen, but it can also double as a USB interface. The H2n's bigger brother the H4n has the ability to have TWO microphones plugged into it via XLR (making it a stand alone podcast studio). You could record a two person podcast with no computer or mixer using the H4n.


Mixer and Sound Enhancement

yamaha_mg102c_I use the Yamaha MC102C mixer (for shows I do with my Wife as a co-host) $99. Its a great mixer with a built in compressor. If I didn't have that mixer, and I was buying one today, you can beat the Seismic Audio Slider 4 mixer ($65).

I use a DBX 286 to cut out background noise while boosting my voice (a little bass and treble).




My Website

I used WordPress (free) to create my website. I host my website on Host Gator. I've used Host Gator to host my websites for over 15 years. They have super support, and you don't have to purchase hosting in giant chunks. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime you want. If you need support they are there, easy to understand and will go above and beyond to make sure your issue is taken care of. I strongly encourage you to use Host Gator.
Get 25% off at Host Gator using the coupon podcastcoach (no spaces).

Builder WordPress Theme

iThemes BuilderWhen it comes to themes for WordPress themes you are going to pay in time trying to find a free theme, or you can save HOURS of looking for the needle in the haystack and just purchase Thesis. This theme allows you to customize the look of your website with just a few clicks. Don't get worried about understanding the technology, they have a ton of videos to walk you through this awesome tool. I could go on and on about how I love builder, but I though it would be easier to show you. Check out my video which shows how easy it is to be your own web designer.

I also use Thesis 1.8 (not their new version) which is still available.



Harvest time trackingFor my consulting, I track my time and manage my invoice with the Harvest System.  I can track my time if I'm in front of a computer or on my smart phone. I can have unlimited clients, and it saves me huge amounts of time.

Membership Site Tools

On this site I use the Optimizepress theme to organize the membership information (and make landing pages, etc). Optimizepress is a theme (which somewhat dictates how your site will look).

To protect the information is Use Digital Access Pass which allows me to make unlimited levels, single products, drip content, and much more. It also has a built in affiliate program.

Media Hosting

Libsyn-logoI host my media on (you can use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month). They provide stats, and it doesn't matter if you have 2, 20, 200, or 200,000 listeners you pay ONE price. They only limit you on how much media you can upload a month. If you're not sure how much hosting you need, check out my video “How Much Hosting Do I Need?”

Another company I recommend is which has media hosting, stats, and the ability to upload your media all from within WordPress.