Flipping the Podcast Promotion Switch


Is there ONE thing that you can do to bring a giant number of listeners? Probably not, but the key values are the same – find out where your listeners hang out and get some information to them. “You need to move to where the food is…”

We are giving away “Dog Pack #3” from www.sounddogs.com to a School of Podcasting Listener who puts the School of Podcasting as a favorite at www.podcastpickle.com (members are already entered).

Voicemail from Daniel Johnson of www.jimmpodcast.com
Email from George at:
http://GLSmyth.com – Blog: http://GLSmyth.WordPress.com

Getting Ready For the Expo

Vistaprint Time to get your business cards, and decide how you will network at the expo.

Don't Forget About the Bonuses for Being a Member of the School of Podcasting

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